Common Times - the official newsletter for the SW Divsion of the ACDA, is archived here from the first articles appearing on the online version of the newsletter/website as started in October of 2012. Those looking for articles appearing in the print version of Common Times may find what they're looking for by clicking on editions in PDF dating back to September, 2006. Prior to that, one would have to contact officers or previous editors for information.  

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  Articles since October, 2012 are listed in chronological order with the most recent at the top of this list:  

Hitting the Bull's-Eye READ MORE
by Tina Niederbrach, Searcy High School, Searcy, AR

Thinking Outside the Bubble: Expanding Our Thinking About Choral Music-making READ MORE
by Elizabeth Hogan McFarland

Commissioning for the Women's Jazz/Contemporary Choir READ MORE
by Janice Vlachos, R&R Chair for Contemporary Commercial Music

Beyond the Choir Uniform: Making the Choral Experience a More Inclusive One READ MORE
by Mariana Farah, R&R Chair for Multicultural Music

The Aging Singer READ MORE
by Karl Nelson

Music is the Home of the Spirit READ MORE
by Bryan Taylor, R&R Chair for Music in Worship

Successful Programming = Successful Choir READ MORE
by Jerry Myers, R&R Chair for Two-Year College Choirs

The Model Conductor READ MORE
by Jason Paulk, R&R Chair for College and University Choirs, SWACDA

alarconWinter Concert Literature for MS/JH Singers Read more
by Jennifer Alarcon, R&S Chair for Middle School and Junior High School Choir

owenGreetings from Missouri, the SHOW ME State! Read more
by Jonathan Owen, President, Missouri ACDA

farahErnani Aguiar's Famous Salmo 150: An Insight into the Composer's Musical Language Read more
by Mariana Farah, R&S Chair for Ethnic and Multi-Cultural Music

niederbrachLists Read more
by Tina Niederbrach, R&S Chair for Senior High Choirs

nelsonGift of Choirs Read more
by Karl Nelson, R&S Chair for Community Choirs

taylorLife principles of SATB Read more
by Bryan Taylor, R&S Chair for Music in Worship

abernathyRe-assessing women's choirs Read more
by Kayla Abernathy, R&S Chair for Women's Choirs

paulkMusings on Competition vs. Cooperation in the Choral Arts Read more
by Jason Paulk, R&S Chair, Collegiate Choirs

talleyChoral music in Texas: alive and well! Read more
by Billy Talley, President, TCDA

caveDifferentiating for Our Guys: Ear Training in the Men’s Choir Read more...>
Adam Cave, Men’s Choir Repertoire and Standards Chair, Cherry Creek High School

gilbertsonOne day in the life of your talent...Read more
by Kari Gilbertson, Lake Highlands High School, Richardson, TX

smithInside out Read more
by Alberta Smith, S. Central Regional Chair, Missouri ACDA

Defining Community Read more
by Elizabeth Hogan McFarland, R&S Chair for Youth and Student Activities

  July, 2014
SWACDA leadership to rotate as of July 1;
Farewell and thanks from Brent Ballweg...>
  June, 2014
Brent Ballweg moves to vice-president role; Mark Lawley assumes presidency as of July 1, 2014 Read more
  April, 2014
Thanks to everyone who participated in "Singin' in the Rock"! What an incredible conference!
(Please read message from President Brent Ballweg...>)
  April, 2014
The President Sums it up; Singin' in the Rock outstanding due to SWACDA "servants of the art" Read more
by Brent Ballweg, President SWACDA
  February, 2014
More Singin' in the Rock Highlights Read more
by Brent Ballweg, President SWACDA
  January, 2014
Conference is at the heart of what makes ACDA such an inspiring organization Read more
by Brent Ballweg, President SWACDA
  December, 2013
Catch up on your plans to attend the SWACDA conference in Little Rock Read more
by Brent Ballweg, President SWACDA
  September, 2013
Join us for "Singin' the Rock!" Read more
by Brent Ballweg, SWACDA President
  January, 2013
lawleyDoing it all; a gentle reminder to our church musicians Read more
by Mark Lawley, President-Elect, SWACDA
  reevesNovember, 2012
Mountain Dew and a chocolate donut Read more

by Brian Reeves, President, Missouri ACDA
  coxNovember 11, 2012
A blessing I could not have anticipated
Read more
by Jordan Cox, Director of Choral Music, Cape Girardeau, MO
  December 26, 2012
“This is What I Have to Offer”
Read more
by Mark Lawley, President-Elect, SWACDA

marlerOctober, 2012
Teaching music to deaf children
Read more
by Luana Marler, Music Industry, R & S Chair


October, 2012
Vocal health; simple steps you can take for keeping your voice and the voices of your singers working well
submitted by Mark Lawley, SWACDA President-Elect (All material courtesy of Amy Clift, Springfield, MO, Speech Pathologist) Part II of an on-going series on VOCAL HEALTH


vogelThe conductor's bag of tricks Read more
(compiled by Brad Vogel, Editor "The Choral Range," Kansas' ACDA newsletter)



  sneedOctober, 2012
Dallas was incredible! Let's do it again

Read more b
y Bonnie Borshay Sneed
  October, 2012
Vocal misuse and overuse Read more
(contributed by Mark Lawley, written by Amy Clift, Speech Pathologist)
  October, 2012
Dr. Titze's favorite five vocal warmups Read more

(contributed by Mark Lawley, written by Amy Clift, Speech Pathologist)
  October, 2012
lawleyWhat is laryngitis? (including the recipe for Dr. Gould's favorite gargle!) Read more

(contributed by Mark Lawley, written by Amy Clift, Speech Pathologist)
  October, 2012
mehargAn honor and a distinct pleasure to go to work for you...Read more
Howard Meharg, Web/Editor SWACDA


  October, 2012
Welcome to the new divisional website Read more
by Brent Ballweg, SWACDA President