(Times and locations are tentative and may be changed)

Wednesday • March 4

10-11am SWACDA Pre-Conference Meeting [Marriott Riverview]

11am-12pm SWACDA Board Meeting [Marriott Riverview]

1-5pm Immersion Days

  • College, University, and New Teacher [Marriott Salon A]

  • Vocal Jazz with Kerry Marsh (Reading Session Included) [Marriott Salon C]

3-6pm Conference Registration [Marriott 2nd Floor Lobby]

4-6pm Graded Honor Choirs Registration [DoubleTree and Statehouse Convention Center]

6-7pm Collegiate Honor Choir Registration [Marriott Salon A]

7pm Graded Honor Choirs and Collegiate Honor Choirs begin rehearsals

7-10pm President’s Concert (Invited Choirs) [Robinson Center]

  • Young Voices of Colorado - Jena Dickey and Tyson Repke

  • mirabai - Sandra Snow

  • Chuncheon City Choir - Changeun Im

thursday • march 5

7-7:45am Yoga for Singers with Heather McCornack [Marriott Riverview]

7:30am-5:30pm Conference Registration [Marriott 2nd Floor Lobby]

8:30-9:20am Interest Sessions

  • Engaging with Communities through Commissioned Music - Andrew Morgan [Marriott Arkansas]

  • Leveraging Musical Privilege for Community Impact: Justice Choir in the street, church, classroom, and concert hall - Claire Minnis [Marriott Harris Brake]

  • Remember you: Finding a balance in a life devoted to music - Troy and Stephanie Robertson [Marriott Conway]

  • The Lyricist's Guide to Performing Choral Music - Tony Silvestri [Robinson Porter Hamilton]

8:30-9:20am Reading Session: Accessible [Marriott Salon A]

8:30-10:30am Undergraduate Conducting Masterclass [Marriott Salon C]

9am Graded Honor Choir and Church Honor Choir Rehearsals Begin

9:30am Collegiate Honor Choir Rehearsals Begin

10am-12pm Concert Session [Robinson Center]

  • Garcia Middle School Varsity Women - Kelsey Appleby

  • Permian High School Cantus - Ken Sieloff

  • Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy Singers - Joel Duarte

  • University of Arkansas Schola Cantorum - Stephen Caldwell

12-5pm Exhibits [Marriott 2nd Floor Lobby]

12:30-1:20pm Interest Sessions

  • Seeing 20/20: Repertoire Choice Matters! - Ryan Beeken [Marriott Harris Brake]

  • Looking to the Future: Building a Culture of Community - Elise Hepworth [Marriott Conway]

  • Singing Through the Transition: The adolescent and transgender voice changes - Ryan Olsen [Marriott Arkansas]

  • The Black Composer: More than Spirituals, Gospel, and Jazz - Christopher Harris and Jeffrey Murdock [Marriott Salon C]

12:30-1:20pm Reading Sessions

  • Advanced [Robinson Porter Hamilton]

  • Boychoir and Children’s [Marriott Salon A]

1:30-2:20pm Conference Choir Rehearsals (all membership are singing)

3-4:30pm Concert Session [Robinson Center]

  • Kansas City Kansas Community College The Standard Vocal Jazz Ensemble - John Stafford

  • Arvada West High School Company West - Chris Maunu

  • Sam Houston State University Chorale - Joshua Bronfman

4:30-5:30pm Conference Choir Rehearsals [Robinson Center]

5:30-7pm All Conference BBQ [River Market Pavillion]

7:30-9:30pm Concert Session [Robinson Center]

  • Conference Choirs

  • Brock Commission Performance: Harding University Chorus - Cliff Ganus

  • (Invited Choirs) Prairie View A&M University and University of Missouri - A. Jan Taylor and Paul Crabb

    • And They Lynched Him On A Tree

      William Grant Still, composer (1895-1978)

      Katherine Biddle, poet (1890-1977)

friday • march 6

7:30-8:30am SWACDA Past Presidents Breakfast [Marriott Riverview]

8:30-9:20am Interest Sessions

  • High School Choral Warm-ups: from process to product - Jason Sickel [Marriott Salon A]

  • Illumine - Shining light on repertoire programming through production for children and youth choirs - Nina Revering [Conway]

  • Lift Every Voice and Sing? Strategies for Radical Inclusion in Church Singing - Joshua Nannestad and Joanna Nannestad [Marriott Harris Brake]

  • St. Olaf Sway: Organic Singer Movement in Choral Performance - Melissa Grady [Marriott Arkansas]

  • The Urban Tenor/Bass Choir: Selecting Music that Makes a Difference! - John Wayman [Marriott Salon C]

8:30-9:20am Reading Session: Multicultural [Robinson Porter Hamilton]

9am Graded Honor Choirs and Church Honor Choir Rehearsals Begin

9am-4:30pm Exhibits [Marriott 2nd Floor Lobby]

10am Collegiate Honor Choir Rehearsals Begin [Marriott Salon A]

10am Little Rock High Schools Honor Choir Rehearsals Begin [First United Methodist Church]

10am-12pm Graduate Conducting Competition [Marriott Salon C]

10am-12pm Concert Session [Robinson Center]

  • Ft. Worth Academy of Fine Arts Children’s Choir of Texas - Jackson Hill

  • Liberty High School Combined Men’s Choir - Rika Heruth

  • Cantare - Amy Solberg

  • University of Denver Lamont Chorale - Catherine Sailer

12:30-1:20pm Interest Sessions

  • Considering the Commission: Interesting & Intriguing Ideas - Andrea Ramsey and Tom Shelton [Marriott Arkansas]

  • Create an environment of trust through vulnerability - Tom Wine [Marriott Conway]

  • Everyone's Song: Gender-Inclusive Choral Programs - Dustin Cates [Marriott White Oak]

  • The Life and Choral Works of Little Rock native, Florence B. Price - Stephen Caldwell [Marriott Harris Brake]

  • Two Birds with One Stone: Building Ears and Larynges - Daniel Farris [Marriott Salon C]

12:30-1:20pm Reading Session: Moderate [Marriott Salon A]

1:30-2:20pm Interest Sessions

  • "Do the hustle(!)": Using concurrent instruction to expedite student learning and make rehearsals engaging, motivating, and more efficient - Adam Zrust [Marriott Conway]

  • Less is More: Refining Your Conducting Gestures for Maximum Musical Result - John Yarrington [Marriott Salon C]

  • Looking to the Future: Building a Culture of Community - Lynn Herbel [Marriott Harris Brake]

  • Rehearsing and Performing African Choral Music: Movement and Authenticity - Carolyn Cruse and Andrew Kagumba [Marriott White Oak]

1:30-2:20pm Reading Session: SSAA/TTBB [Marriott Arkansas]

3:45-5:45pm Concert Session [Robinson Center]

  • Clements High School Chorale Women - Janet Menzie and Ryan Bogner

  • University of Houston ManCorps - Jeb Mueller

  • Texas Christian University Concert Chorale - Christopher Aspaas

  • Church Honor Choir and Music in Worship - Craig Jessop

7:15-9:15pm Concert Session (Invited Choirs) [Central High School]

  • Pambo Afrika Chorus - Geoffrey Mukoto

  • Little Rock High Schools Honor Choir - William Powell

  • University of Arkansas Inspirational Chorale - Jeffrey Murdock

10-11:30pm All Conference Celebration [Marriott Riverview]

10:30-11:30pm College and University Fun Night [River Market Loft]

saturday • march 7

8-8:50am Interest Sessions

  • Beyond the Gospel Truth: Moving Toward Acceptable Performance Practice of Gospel Music and Spirituals (and how to know the difference) - Jeffrey Murdock [Marriott Harris Brake]

  • Choir Directors as Voice Teachers: Promoting Healthy Singing Habits in a Group Setting - Susan Shirel [Marriott Salon C]

  • How We Learn: Engaging Every Singer - Lorissa Mason [Marriott Arkansas]

  • They ALL Read and They LOVE It: A systematic approach to music literacy - Craig McCauley [Marriott Conway]

8-8:50am Reading Sessions

  • College, University, Community [Robinson Porter Hamilton]

  • Music in Worship with Craig Jessop [Marriott Salon A]

9-9:50am Interest Sessions

  • Between the Beats: Are you really showing what you want? - Jonathan Babcock [Marriott Harris Brake]

  • Bringing Music Literacy Into Focus - David Edmonds [Marriott Salon C]

  • Music in Worship Interest Session - Craig Jessop [Marriott Arkansas]

  • When You're Not Their First Love - Taking Over a Music Program - Beth Richey-Sullivan [Marriott Conway]

9:15am Graded Honor Choir Rehearsals Begin

10:30am-12:30pm Concert Session [Robinson Center]

  • Plano East High School Concert Choir - Daniel Knight

  • Stephen F. Austin State University Women’s Choir - Tod Fish

  • Oklahoma City University The University Singers - Tony Gonzalez

  • Collegiate Honor Choir - Joshua Oppenheim

2-4:30pm Graded Honor Choirs Concert Session

  • 5-7 Treble Honor Choir - Anthony Trecek-King

  • 7-10 TB Honor Choir - Gary Packwood

  • 8-10 Treble Honor Choir - Deanna Joseph

  • 11-12 Mixed Honor Choir - Eugene Rogers

  • Graded Honor Choirs Finale