Interest sessions

Jonathan Babcock (TX) Between the Beats: Are you really showing what you want?

Ryan Beeken (KS) Seeing 20/20: Repertoire choice matters

Stephen Caldwell (AR) Florence B Price: The life and choral works of a Little Rock Native

Dustin Cates (PA) Everyone’s Song: Gender-inclusive choral programs

Carolyn Cruse and Andrew Kagumba (TX) Rehearsing and Performing African Choral Music: Movement and authenticity

David Edmonds (NM) Bringing Music Literacy into Focus

Daniel Farris (OK) Two Birds with One Stone: Building ears and larynges

Melissa Grady (KS) St. Olaf Sway: Organic singer movement in choral performance

Christopher Harris and Jeffrey Murdock (AR) The Black Composer: More than spirituals, gospel, and jazz

Elise Hepworth (MO) Looking to the Future: Building a culture of community

Lynn Herbel (OK) Was Blind but Now I See: How engaging special needs students opened my singers’ eyes . . . and hearts

Craig Jessop (UT) TBA

Lorissa Mason (AR) How We Learn: Engaging every singer

Craig McCauley (KS) They ALL Read and They LOVE It: A systematic approach to music literacy

Claire Minnis (IL) Leveraging Music Privilege for Community Impact: Justice choir in the street, church, classroom, and concert hall

Andrew Morgan (AR) Engaging your community through commissioned music

Jeffrey Murdock (AR) Beyond the Gospel Truth: Moving toward acceptable performance practice of gospel music and spirituals (and knowing the difference)

Joshua Nannestad and Joanna Hawkins-Nannestad (OK) Lift Every Voice and Sing: Strategies for radical inclusion in church singing

Ryan Olsen (KS) Singing Through the Transition: the adolescent and transgender voice change

Andrea Ramsey (MO) and Tom Shelton (NJ) Considering the Commission: Interesting and intriguing ideas

Nina Revering (TX) Illumine: Shining light on programming through production for children and youth choirs

Beth Richey-Sullivan (KS) When You’re Not Their First Love: Taking over a music program

Troy Robertson and Stephanie Robertson (TX) Remember You: Finding a balance in a life devoted to music

Susan Shirel (AR) Choir Directors as Voice Teachers: Promoting healthy singing in a group setting

Jason Sickel (KS) High School Choral Warm-ups: From process to product

Anthony Silvestri (KS) The Lyricist’s Guide to Performing Choral Music

John Wayman (TX) The Urban Tenor-Bass choir: Selecting music that makes a difference

Tom Wine (KS) Create an environment of trust through vulnerability

John Yarrington (TX) Less is More: Refining your conducting gestures for maximum musical result

Adam Zrust (MO) “Do the Hustle!”: Using concurrent instruction to expedite student learning and make rehearsals engaging, motivating, and more efficient